One year in eight hours

A journey. A diary. An intense emotion stop page after page in the ocean at sunset, at night, in silence during a journey that began June 15, 2004, brings Sorgato Dario from Italy to the discovery of Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia. And himself. Among the lines you take a unique path in life, from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur, passing through the wonders of the Outback: a route among feelings, places, people, memories, faces, colors and flavors that writing fix like a necessary and indelibletrack of every gesture, feeling and moment. The time of a year is condensed, suspend, stop in an interval in which it is unraveled the search for the other, for love, for life. Merging with a  elsewhere  he feels to reach his deepest identity. Until he returns home. Besides the people  and perfumes of his life.With a personal style that merges the diary form with significant poetry, Dario Sorgato delivers its story to all those who know how to get involved in flying from his thoughts on the wings of a pen, a dream  that has no end.

The book is currently unavaliable on papaer. Buy it as an ebook (pdf) !

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