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What is the travel? Who is the traveller? Differend kind of travels

I returned a year ago from the long journey from Cape Town to Havana. since three months i live in Berlin. I have a home, I attend an intensive German course, I work. Am I travelling? Technically, no, I do … Continue reading

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Alberto Granado Jiménez. When a traveller dies…

March 5, 2011. Alberto Granado Jiménez dies. He was 88. The reasons why I want to dedicate him an article are many. He was born in Cordoba, Argetina, ( I was in Cordoba in June 2009). From Buenos Aires 8april – June 2009) started the expedition   in the book and movieThe Motorcycle Diaries, which I saw for the first time in Melbourne, before leaving for a long journey to … Continue reading

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Departure adrenaline and travelling anxiety: the good and not so good about travelling

The basic function of adrenaline is to prepare the body to cope with emergency situations on the physical and emotional. In situations of uncertainty and insecurity adrenaline  destroys all the other feelings. This is not always pleasent, but often sought. … Continue reading

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Mexico in Milan. Because the voyage starts before leaving

Guestpost by Luca | Translated by Dario Sorgato Mexico, a country that to the ears of the Italians sounds like a legendary goal, a dream to make the journey of life in two simple words: the journey. Thinking about … Continue reading

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Un vestito nuovo

Avevo un bel vestito. Era fatto tutto con le mie mani. Aveva dei fiori e delle foglie. Erano decorazioni newclassic. Mi piaceva, ma aveva cominciato a starmi stretto. Non so se sono ingrassato io o se si è rimpicciolito il … Continue reading

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