I was born n a Sant’Angelo di Piove di Sacco (PD) Italy.
At 16 I was diagnosed with Usher’s syndrome, a relatively rare genetic disorder that is a leading cause of deafblindness and that is associated with a mutation in any one of 10 genes.

I attended a degree course in Design at the Milan Polytechnic, graduating with honors in 2003.
I worked as a designer, researcher and tutor at the Polytechnic and in some interior design studios, working on furniture and graphic design.

Always looking for new challenges and decided not to stop from physical impediments, in 2004 I left for a year trip in Australia and New Zealand.
With an almost obsessive desire to stop the moment I wrote every emotion on the pages of some journals, source of stories that are now published in a book released in 2006,’UN ANNO IN OTTO ORE A year in eight hours (Il Filo Editions).
Between 2006 and 2007 I completed the Camino de Santiago and in 2008 I published ‘TEMPO LENTO Slow time (Il Filo Editions), a book on the conquest of the slowness starting from the feet.
I made several readings in various cities of Italy, trying to tell with music and poetry adventures and emotions of the trip.
Shortly after the publication of the second book I started on a journey of nearly two years from Cape Town to Havana, sailing across the Atlantic Ocean and along the coasts of Brazil and the islands of the Caribbean Sea.
ACQUA. Un viaggio WATER. A Journey‘(ilmiolibro.it) first photographic book, collects pictures taken during that sailing trip.

In 2011 I founded NoisyVision, an association that aims to raise public awareness of sensory disabilities and to take initiatives in favor of those who have visual and hearing limitations. In this field I did made several European workshops and sports activities related mainly to the mountain.

In 2015 I went to Everest Base Camp, to take to its high point the awareness campaign #YellowTheWorld about mobility for visually impaired
This story is in the docu-film, #YellowTheWorld – Everest Edirion

In 2016 I organized a trek for visually impaired people from Bologna to Florence, along the Way of the Gods. The event was titled The Gods Like it Yellow..

I am fascinated by the face of an old fisherman or farmer whoever he is.
The mouth of a woman.
I like a meatball as big as a melon,
an octopus with potatoes eaten around a wooden table on the waterfront of Lisbon.
I like a sound. Repeated, light, or equal to another, may be the right note to vibrate the strings of what they are.
I like life, but I do not mind that there is death.
I believe in constant and continuous movement.
I am a sailor in search of another sea, not necessarily of another port.
If someone asked me who I am technically, I would answer with a biography.
One of the many, that every day I invent, shifting my identity on the requests of those who should try to give me a future.
Yet, here, I tell you that I am a traveler.
I’m a writer. Who is a writer? The one who live by what he writes? So I am.
Designer by studies.
The world I see is all round. Framed in the hatch of the darkness that surrounds what I should see.
And yet I smile. I laugh.
Because there is no better sound than the one that tells you are happy. Deluded or not. You’re happy.