Departure adrenaline and travelling anxiety: the good and not so good about travelling

The basic function of adrenaline is to prepare the body to cope with emergency situations on the physical and emotional.

In situations of uncertainty and insecurity adrenaline  destroys all the other feelings. This is not always pleasent, but often sought.

A trip is undoubtedly a situation of risk, uncertainty. Sure, there are trips where everything is already planned and established that will reduce the chance of incurring into some danger or unexpected, but going to new places, meet different people, dealing with unfamiliar cultures, it increases the probability of being in new situations that we know how to deal with or manage.

For many, this is a problem, an uncomfortable feeling, while others are just looking for that, and this curiosity about the unknown is a stimulus to try new adventures.

Perhaps we can generalize by saying that the adrenalin that you feel at departure, culminating in the airport or where ever you leave from, it’s a good feeling, one that moves travelers, while anxiety is a bad feeling.

The causes are probably related to something deeply personal and an introspective individual search is the only way discover them and then overcome them.

But how can we do to turn these feelings into something positive?

You can find some tips in psychology website, but my suggestion is to look for the positive things of the moment, to forget about affective relations that bind us to home.

Focusing on the place, observe, listen, be present with all the receptors tuned on the surrounding.

Experience a journey bringing attention to what we lack, it does not help to understand the diversity of the place, the difficulties become insurmountable, while projecting in the new situation as a moment tha belongs to us, even if it is happening in a unfamiliar place.

Perhaps many of us are used to feel protected gathered into the habit.These are  reassuring. They do not force us to choose. The trip forces a constant choice and selection, but that’s what turns your journey to growth. The resorts, in fact, try to minimize personal initiative, offering pre-packages of activities and excursions.

Choose. We must learn to be free to choose even knowing where to go to dinner, what to do next day, where to be being with the whole body and mind.

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