Why travelling is such a widespread desire?

I am reading The art of Travel, by Alain de Botton. According to the writer and philosopher, it is important the eye of the traveler himself, his desire to see “real.” He also tries to see “drawing” to learn how to travel and see every day. even in places where we live and that maybe we were never able to look at. Between the pages of the book is a different way of looking at destinations and sites, with attention to cultural differences that are greater than the distance.

Travel literature, however, is majestically broad, above all considering travel in different meanings in different historical periods and for various reasons, ranging from Dante’s journey from Hell to Heaven, the Crusades and colonial conquests, from travel overseas to discovery new worlds to explore the mountains, from the psychedelic trips to religious pilgrimages.

But why the man travels?

If it is clear that some of the trips had deep motivations that sometimes were not even directly important to the travelers themselves, I care to dwell on the reasons that Dr. Iacopo Bertacchi proposes in an interesting article on the meaning of travel.

the journey can be a way to discover other aspects of their identity in everyday life can not emerge …… The need to escape from a daily life perceived as stuffy …… A way to meet others and through others, themselves.

Chiara Meriani, however, has a blog dedicated to the meaning of travel. and even she quotes Baudelaire and ranks among the cases, the same restlessness as the need to learn new things, compared to Bertacchi, adds:

To find freedom, you have to go as a single system and understand other cultures is the ability to choose the ways in which to give meaning to life that allows you to be free.

Perhaps as we try to give a collective response to a question so broad, you end up with the reshuffle motives and thoughts already told by famous travelers like Bruce Chatwin or Marco Polo, or have been shuffled in different sauces Articles blog more or less original. Again, then, what counts is to put together the pieces that are best suited to ourselves.

Not by chance that I dwelt on restlessness, a sentiment that has pushed many of my steps, the constraint of daily life and the pursuit of freedom. If these are the driving forces for starting the engine, then it is kept steady by a desire to know, from curiosity about other world. If someone says there is nothing more to discover, now that the Columbus and Magellan are already existed, I would say that the discovery does not necessarily have to be made for others to go down in history, to be remembered or to become famous . The findings would often be enough to ourselves. The findings feed the emotions and passion. as there are books, tourist guides, which descreibe every corner, but there is always something that only we are able to see. A light, a landscape, a face. In books and guides there are not moments and there is not even the now.

There is no limit to discover if you do not confuse the personal with the sensational in the sense of incredible and amazing.The wonder, however, is always possible, and every traveler turns it into what it sees.I often like to turn travels into stories, words, visions. And then travel and writing it is almost the same activity. In both verbs I feel to be free.

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