The road. A grey journey into the depths of heart

Last night I watched The road. If I write an article about The road, I do not know if I do a review of a film, of a book or if I write about a journey. Perhaps  I choose the third approach. The story of the journey to south of a father and his son. To the south it means to the heat, more livable than the operating temperature of the cold and desolate land where a radioacrive fall ended nature and its creatures, the trees fall, the birds have lost the intention of flight, a trip in search of food, shelter and humanity. In search of survival and life itself.

In Italy the film was stopped as too pessimistic. I started watching with the injury of this complaint, I drew up the vision of a gray film, not only in color. Yet the film’s message is for life, for survival at any cost, even against the inevitable fate, to search for  ’the good ones’ to help when you have nothing, who did not kill even if cannibalism were to remain the only way to eat,

Although most of the recent films tell of apocalyptic disasters, The road capture the realism of a burnt offering, combining the absolute worst possible future, with one of the most beautiful and profound human characteristic: perseverance. To go on that journey to the south and continue to live. The parallel is obvious, but a journey so difficult could  be not represent the difficulties of life to be defended to the last, even with the knowledge that is possible to choose.

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