How to write an original post

You are about to write a new post. You Google the topic, type in a title you have in mind and see what’s already published. Whatever you have in mind, it has laready been written. There is something on yahoo answer, there is a post on one of those ten blogs spewing from all sides. Problogger, John Chow dot Com

So what? how?
Do we have to scramble the contents of others to propose them in different sauces?
or is there still room for the imagination?

For example … I tried to write the title of this post on Google and a post that explains how to write something original I could not find …

I have tried again to make sure … in Italian there is alreadysomething, fucking hell, and it is also a nice article. But in English there are post on how to write a GOOD post or article, ho to write a POPULAR, great blog content . But what about an original one. Something nobody ever wrote about.

As I said, in the Italian Google search i found out a good article, where you read that the 5 good tips are
1. Images
2. Perosnal opinion
3. Video and screencast
4. Slideshows
5. List things and links

I am sure there are plenty of articles where you find moreore less the same tips. But my point is not about how. i am talking about WHAT

When I decide to write a new post, I use the approach of the writer to decide the issue, that of the blogger for the style (although I’m still working on it).
In fact, a writer writes what he wants to write, not what others want to read.
Hence the first thing to do

1. Listen
Within you there are ideas. arise from feelings, from your way of being and of seeing things. So if it is true that there are standard rules on how to write some articles, it is essential to write what you feel. And perhaps this also applies to the technical blog (would be nice if there were any comments from the confirmation or denial) than the more explicitly emotional.

2. Choose

among what you hear inside yourself, the first thing. The first idea, as it was.

3. Apply
the rules of how to make your post interesting and to trasnfer the message.

Ten Tips for writing a blog post

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