Why to become a writer is such a common dream?

B. Pasternack died poor, and so many others. In the post Non fare lo scrittore che è meglio, by Maurizio Teroni,, who I honestly do not know who he is.
The post says in a humorous way why does not make sense to be a writer. Writing for a living you have to be Baricco, attend TV, open a school of writing, in short, do something trendy.
He added that a man in life has to have a child, write a book and plant a tree.
I miss the child, women I am waiting.
The fact remains that it is not a novelty that a writer is awkward and in most cases, does not pay. Yet proliferate Blogs writers, magazines, contests for unpublished stories. The publishers’ advertising fee is everywhere and on-demand publishing websites are full of books. But who buys them? Have you ever purchased on Lulu.com or ilmiolibro.it?
So why? Why are so many people who write and who are not content to write, but writers want to be?
I am one of those and I will give my answer, but I’m sure there are many more.
Writing is first and foremost a necessity. You write because you have something to say. You want to stop an emotion that would be consigned to oblivion of time. Sometimes the emotions are so strong, both positive and negative, that to put them on a page helps turn them into something tangible, it helps to shape, to give a weight. Sometimes even to understand them better, for yourself.
Writing is a form of expression, such as singing, painting, , … arts in general. Art for itself, a sculpture on a shelf, covered with dust, a painting hidden beneath the others, a song that no one hears, are words unspoken, are screaming that no one hears. Hence the need to publish, because someone read it and pay for it, allowing us to do it again and again and again.
The life of writer is romantically described  in movies, stories, … It seems that the writers are able to afford to live on a mountain cabin or a house overlooking the sea and write what’s on your mind or heart. Well, maybe, again, that is the stereotype of a handful of good writers who can afford to live only he write books.
Cases, then, are not lacking, but it is a wild and very small percentage, in my opinion, great strokes of luck (luck? What’s this?) To win the Strega in the first book is certainly a virtue, but why that very book arrived in the selection? Although it is certainly worthwhile, what are the steps because it ends in the right hands at the right time?
Flaubert said Writing is a dog’s life, but the only one worth living. Why?
I like this phrase, it puts me in good conscience. If Flaubert said …
Writing allows me to stay focused on emotions, feed me with life itself.

It ‘s difficult. no doubt. Not that other jobs are not as hard, but in this case you make a decision with a limited market (readers are not many) and with great writers who have put in circulation books should be read before wasting time on mediocre pages.

And then? If the scenario is so dark, why insist? Up to what point?
Perhaps the belief that we will succeed? The passion? Or the awareness that life should be chosen? How widespread prosperity allows us to spend time writing instead get daily bread? There are more writers also because of the many there who do not have to worry about maintenance?

Questions,  thoughts, difficulties. If I would not even write I would not have these words and the awareness that you, anonymous or not, will read up to here.

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5 Responses to Why to become a writer is such a common dream?

  1. massage says:

    This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I enjoy seeing websites that understand the value of providing a prime resource for free. I truly loved reading your post. Thanks!

  2. dariosorgato says:

    thank you. Good (and bad) feedbacks are also very important.

  3. Maurizio says:

    Ciao. Grazie per il riferimento al post sul mio blog. Preciso che non l’ho scritto io, ma Gordiano Lupi, il quale ha pubblicato una serie di articoli sul mio blog.
    Sinceramente, non condivido a pieno quello che Lupi ha sctitto. Nel senso che, è ovvio, scrivere è un’attività che difficilmente, e pochi, riescono a fare per lucro. Fatalmanete si va incontro a delusioni, se si hanno illusioni sullo scrivere. Si scrive, probabilmente, perché è un modo per trovare uno spazio di espressione. E può essere più o meno incisivo, più o meno soddisfacente, come qualsiasi attività.
    Credo che, chi ama scrivere, debba, innanzitutto, trovare risposta in se stesso. Se no è meglio lasciar perdere.
    buon blog

  4. dariosorgato says:

    Apprezzo l’intervento. Nel post ho citato le mie motivazioni e quindi la risposta che mi sono dato. Lancio qui un’altra provocazione. Quasi inevitabilmente chi vuole scrivere deve fare qualcos’altro per sopravvivere. Se la prospettiva è così poco rosea, basteranno costanza e motivazione per poter un giorno dedicarsi soltanto alla passione? Le risposte che mi sono dato non saranno mai abbastanza convincenti nemmeno per me stesso se sono disposto a mollare.
    non so se è chiaro, ma una volta affermato che è una necessità, se smettessi, probabilmente non lo era. Sono forse in un vortice senza via d’uscita?

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